Is there a Roblox Error Code 268 fix?

Is there a Roblox error code 268 fix? Error codes can be annoying while playing games, none more so than the error code 268 issue in this game, which kicks you from playing. You get this message alongside the error code 268: “You have been kicked due to unexpected client behavior.” It’s definitely frustrating.

Read on to find out if there is a Roblox error code 268 fix or not. Discover a number of possible fixes for the annoying issue below.

Is there a Roblox error code 268 fix?

Roblox error code 268

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be one concrete fix that has worked for everyone. We’ve seen reports that various different fixes have worked for different players, from the super simple to the slightly more complicated involving disabling your anti-virus while playing Roblox. Sadly, it seems as though the 268 error that kicks you from the game could come back after it appears to be fixed, too. Nevertheless, let’s press on with some of the fixes that seem to have worked for some.

How to fix Roblox error code 268

  • Disable third-party Roblox extensions
    • The game could think you are cheating and kick you from its server if it notices modifications
  • Disable anti-virus while playing
    • Setting up an exemption for Roblox could work
  • Exit and run the game through the Roblox app
    • Try and play through your browser if the opposite applies
  • Reinstall Roblox
  • Restart the game
    • Try restarting your PC, too
  • Make sure you’re connected online
  • Exit and try again later

The last suggested fix could be the answer if nothing else is working. You could potentially receive the error message if something is happening on the game’s end. It isn’t confirmed, but any kind of server maintenance taking place while you try and play the game can bring up all sorts of error messages. If none of the fixes above work, however, bring up the issue on the Roblox support forums.