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What is the average KD ratio in Fortnite?

After a particularly awesome game where you got a bunch of kills, or an especially awful spree of death after death after death, you might be wondering what the average KD ratio in Fortnite is. Knowing the average player’s KD will tell you if you’re above or below average in the kill/death department. Here’s what you need to know about the average KD ratio in Fortnite

What is a good KD ratio in Fortnite?

average KD ratio in Fortnite

The average KD ratio in Fortnite, which can then be used to assess whether or not your kill/death ratio is “good,” is around 1.0.

In Fortnite, for every kill that a player earns, another player must die. This means that for every positive impact on a player’s KD ratio, there must also be a negative impact on a player’s KD ratio. This means that KDs remain around the 1.0 mark.

Of course, not all deaths are caused by enemy players. Sometimes, especially when experimenting with building, a player can accidentally kill themselves. Fall damage can be a nightmare in Fortnite, causing many a player to suddenly drop to their death.

If you factor in the potential for these self-inflicted deaths, the average KD in Fortnite goes a little lower than 1.0.

Therefore, to work out whether or not you have a “good” above average KD ratio, you just need to know whether your KD is above 1.0. If it is, well done, you are better at getting kills and not dying than the average player!

If your Fortnite KD ratio isn’t above 1.0, don’t worry, as being successful in this game isn’t just about getting kills, as being a great teammate is also important when going for those wins!

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