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Fall Guys tips and tricks for how to win

Fall Guys is out now in closed beta, with the gameshow-esque battle royale game finally being available to try out ahead of its official launch. While it seems like a simple game on the surface, you’ll have to be in the know if you actually want to emerge from the game with that winner’s crown. Here’s a guide with some Fall Guys tips to you find out how to win and take home that crown for yourself.

Learn when to grab

When you grab another player, your controller will begin to rumble. The longer you grab them, the more intense the rumble will be. When this rumble reaches max intensity, anything they’re holding will propel out of their hands.

This means that in rounds such as Egg Scramble, where players compete to pick up and put eggs into their team’s goal, grabbing onto an opponent can eventually cause them to launch the egg they’re carrying into the air. This is particularly useful when an opponent is trying to steal eggs from your goal, and grabbing them for an extended period of team will lead to them releasing the egg they’re trying to steal.

Halt opponents’ progress

Outside of Egg Scramble, grabbing can be used to prevent players from progressing. If you’re following closely behind an opponent, pressing grab at the exact moment they try to make a jump over a gap can cause them to fall down and be eliminated, with no harm done to yourself.

Additionally, in other team-based rounds such as Rock ‘n’ Roll, you’ll want to occasionally run defense and prevent other teams from pushing their ball down the hill by way of grabbing hold of them and moving them away from their ball.

Work as a team

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In rounds such as See Saw, where players are reliant on the platforms to be balanced in order to progress, acknowledge how many players are running ahead of you in order to determine the side of the See-Saw on which you should land. An unbalanced See-Saw can take a great deal of time to rectify, and only by acknowledging other players will you be able to get through the course quickly.

Stay central

In rounds such as Door Dash that will see you condensed into narrow lanes, you need to stay central. Fall Guys has a habit of forcing you to routinely stumble whenever you’re caught on one of the edges of its arenas, and this happens with much more frequency if you’re bombarded by other players. Stick to the center of the pack in order to prevent yourself from being trampled and left in the dust.

Dive over long jumps

Your dive should be used sparingly, as doing so will temporarily immobilize you while you’re on the ground. However, you can use it in order to make otherwise tricky jumps much easier, and to ensure that you don’t fall off the edges of a map to your doom.

The dive is particularly useful in the Jinx round, which places you against another team in a tag battle. The Jinx map is filled with larger jumps, and you can safely cross each of them by way of diving. It also makes it much easier to launch yourself onto the two rotating platforms, which are more difficult for other players to access and will make you a more difficult target as a result.