What does added by Snapcode mean on Snapchat?

One of the many ways to find new friends on Snapchat is through the use of Snapcodes. These dotted yellow images make it easy to unlock several new features, the most common of which involves sharing user information. Here’s a look at what added by Snapcode means and how you can use these codes to your advantage.

Snapchat | What does added by Snapcode mean?

snapchat what does added by snapcode mean

On Snapchat, added by Snapcode means that you were added as a friend by someone who scanned your unique Snapcode. Snapcodes are the dotted images that function much like common QR codes.

Snapcodes serve many purposes, including adding friends, linking to websites, unlocking Filters, and more. They’re commonly pasted onto Snap pictures and videos in the form of Stickers. Users who take a screenshot of a Snapcode can scan them through the app to reveal new functions, such as adding friends.

One of the biggest reasons to add friends by Snapcode is convenience. From the Add Friends screen, you can tap the small silhouette of a Snapcode (found on the right) to scan any codes you’ve saved to your phone. Assuming it’s legible, you’ll then unlock whatever feature the code is tied to. More often than not, it’s tied to a user.

If you see that someone has added you by Snapcode, that means they saw your code and scanned it. In most cases, they probably saved an image with the code to their phone. However, it is possible to simply display your code and have a nearby friend scan it to add you. That makes it quick and easy to add new friends when you’re at a party or out on the town.

As always, if you’ve been added by someone you don’t know, exercise caution. You should consider asking where they found your Snapcode, since it’s easy to copy and paste codes you’ve seen in other Snaps. If you do know them, awesome: The Snapcode served its intended function perfectly.