Disney Plus Error Code 83 Fix

Disney Plus Error Code 83 can be frustrating to fix. When the error pops up, you won’t receive any guidance, and the Disney Plus support site doesn’t have anything helpful to assist you. Unfortunately, there’s a multitude of issues that can cause an error 83 when you try to launch Disney Plus. We’ll cover some of the more common causes below.

How to fix error code 83 on Disney Plus


The most frustrating thing about getting a Disney Plus Error Code 83 is that it just indicates a generic problem. The official explanation of error 83 is:

“It means we experienced an unknown error streaming to your device.”

So, if this pops up when you launch the app, it can be caused by:

  • A connection error
  • A device compatibility error
  • An account issue

We’ll explain possible fixes for all three of these here.

How to fix a Disney Plus connection error

An error code 83 may occur when your device can’t connect to the Disney Plus servers. A multitude of things could cause this, but the two most common are going to be either Disney Plus is down, or your internet is down.

If Disney Plus is down, the only fix is to wait for it to come back up. Keep an eye on the official twitter for outage info. If the problem is on your end, your internet may be down, or your router may be blocking the connection.

How to fix a Disney Plus device compatibility error

There’s a possibility that your device may not be compatible with Disney Plus. This is an issue that’s mostly going to crop up with Android-powered hardware. You’ll want to check and make sure the device you’re using is supported by Disney Plus, and if it’s not, you’ll need to switch to one that is.

How to fix a Disney Plus account issue

You may also receive an error code 83 if there are issues with your account. Make sure you’re actually subscribed and have an active account. If you do, you may need to contact customer support and have them fix your account.