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Valorant Error Code 84 | How to fix

If you’ve recently had trouble connecting to online matches, you may have run into error code 84 in Valorant. This issue occurs when the game has encountered a connection error, and the constant disconnects make it seem like your network may be at fault. Don’t worry, this error is more common than you think. And, as it so happens, the error code 84 fix is very simple.

Valorant | How to fix error code 84

Valorant - How to fix error code 84

Valorant error code 84 appears when the game experiences server connectivity problems. The error message may say that you encountered a connection error, while disconnects will often say the game you were in does not exist. This usually happens during times of planned or unplanned server outages.

Don’t waste your time looking for any kind of specific error code 84 fix. In nearly all instances, code 84 appears when Valorant servers have gone down. It may be that a patch is being deployed, or perhaps the servers have been taken down for other routine maintenance. In rarer cases, 84 may show up during unplanned outages.

Still, the solution is to simply wait it out. Error code 84 appears when Valorant servers go offline. You can confirm for yourself by checking out Valorant‘s server status on the Riot Games Service Status website. If issues are being reported, you’ll know why code 84 has appeared. Also, unplanned outages that last more than a few minutes are usually mentioned on the Valorant Twitter feed.

Error code 84 only rears its ugly head when the Valorant client is having trouble connecting to servers. Fortunately, the outage shouldn’t last for very long; most server issues are resolved in a matter of minutes. In a worst-case scenario, you may be unable to play for a couple of hours. However, the news is good: There’s nothing wrong with your PC or network. Hang tight and you’ll be back in the game before you know it.