South Park: The Stick of Truth Character and Class Guide

Character and Class Guide

New Kid

Players take control of the new kid, though Cartman comes up with a more... colorful nickname. As the new kid, players will be able to choose one of four classes:


The fighter specializes in melee combat, so if you like whacking kids with toy axes and baseball bats, then this is your class. They also focus on defense and wear sturdy armor.

  • Assault and Battery: Ready your baseball and bat and swing at the enemy.
  • Roshambo: Play rock-paper-scissors, kick your opponent, and stun them.
  • Bull Rush: Charge at the opponent to remove armor and shields.
  • Horn of Irritation - Taunt opponents with a blowhorn and remove their buffs.
  • Ground Stomp: A strong aerial attack the damages all opponents.


Just like typical fantasy RPGs, the mage class in South Park: The Stick of Truth deals strong magic attacks that compliment stronger fighters. They are weak compared to other classes, but make up for it with offensive prowess.


  • Dragon Breath: Set the opponent on fire and deal fire damage.
  • Dust of Dreams: Lull the opponent into a slumber, and also stun them with a perfect use.
  • Lightning Volt: A lightning attack that targets armor and shields. It also deals area of effect damage with a perfect use.
  • Funnel of Frost: Attacks all opponents in a single row and removes their buffs.
  • Pyre Ball: An amusingly explosive attack that targets all opponents.


Thieves are all about agility and sneakiness, and benefit from rogue-like attacks that debilitate the enemy in various ways, such as bleeding.


  • Backstab: Avoid frontline fighters and backstab the last opponent in a row. It activate bleeding if successful.
  • Mug: Stun the enemy and potentially steal an item.
  • Execute: An attack that destroys the opponent's armor and weapon.
  • Stink Bombs: Bombs that activate the Gross Out effect and remove all buffs.
  • Death by Thousand Blades - An area of effect attack that hurls a series of blades at the opponents. It causes bleeding as well.


The Jew class, which must be a first within the RPG genre, acts as risk/reward class in that it becomes more effective with lower health. It sounds dangerous, but in the right circumstances with the right player, it can be the most effective class.


  • Sling of David: A basic slingshot attack which becomes very powerful as you upgrade it.
  • Jew-Jitsu: Stuns the opponent.
  • Circumscythe: Destroy the opponent's armor/shield and also cause bleeding.
  • Whirling Doom: Remove buffs with this area of effect attack.
  • Plagues of Egypt: Bring a plague upon your opponents. This includes pestilence, rain of fire, frogs, or insects. Deals a lot of damage.


Butters is essentially a paladin in the game, and has both offensive and healing abilities. He also has more HP than other characters and can execute attacks that ignore the enemies' armor.


  • Born Victim: Butters draws the attention of enemies, so they are more likely to attack him.
  • Healing Touch: Butters heals the player four times, for a maximum of 20% of their total HP.
  • Hammer of Justice: Butters throws his hammer at an opponent, drawing their attention and activating the Pissed Off effect. Opponents can not use special attacks during this time.
  • Hammer of Storms: A lightning attack that targets all enemies in a single column. It also pierces armor.
  • Professor Chaos: Butters transforms into his alter ego, Professor Chaos, and uses one of five random attacks with various effects. They include Life Drain and Chaos Cloak, which shields all allies.


Cartman labels himself the Grand Wizard King, so it's only appropriate that he specializes in powerful magic spells. Though he has a low amount of HP, he deals a ton of damage.


  • Magic Missile: Cartman throws a tampon at an opponent, causing the Gross Out effect and a small amount of damage.
  • Flame Strike: Cartman targets two enemies in a single row and deals fire damage. It can also cause the Burning status effect with perfect execution.
  • Burning Cloud: Cartman sets enemies on fire with a huge fart, dealing a lot of fire damage.
  • Curse: Cartman targets one opponent with a Shock attack that pierces armor and can hit up to six times.


Jimmy fancies himself a bard, though his speech impediment gets in the way of his performance at times. He has a series of support abilities that help the rest of the party, but do little to damage enemies.


  • Power Chord: Restores 6 PP to himself and the player.
  • Song of Buffness: Jimmy activates Ability Up on the party and Attack Down on all enemies.
  • Lullabye: Jimmy puts all enemies to sleep with a song.
  • Brown Note: The fabled note that causes all enemies to have an... accident in their pants. Damages opponents and causes Defense Down.


Kenny is actually known as Princess Kenny in The Stick of Truth. He/She focuses on status ailments and also likes to charm enemies with his/her striking looks.


  • Charm: Lower the opponent's attack.
  • Royal Kiss: Causes the Grossed Out effect and deals a little damage. Grossed Out will also work on Kenny himself if the attack is not executed well.
  • Furry Friends: Deals damage and causes bleeding, though Kenny will die for two turns if not done successfully.
  • Unicorn Stampede: Kenny targets a single row of enemies with a magical unicorn attack. If not executed successfully, the unicorn will hit Kenny and kill him for two turns.


It's hard to nail down a class for Kyle, but he has high HP and some useful attacks. His special attacks can be tricky, but as they say, practice makes perfect.


  • Rally: Kyle rallies himself and the player, which results in Ability Up and Attack Up.
  • Summon Elemental: Kyle kicks Ike at an enemy, which deals damage and causes bleeding.
  • Windstorm: Kyle targets a row of enemies with a leaf blower and does a series of small attacks for damage.
  • Rain of Arrows: Kyle calls forth the Elven army to rain arrows upon all enemies. This deals damage and causes bleeding with each hit.


Stan essentially acts as another Fighter in the group, with a good chunk of HP and effective offensive abilities. His dog Sparky also proves useful outside of battle with its ability to pee on things.


  • Marked for Death: Stan calls on Sparky to attack an enemy, dealing damage and causing Defense Down.
  • Discus of Might: Stan throws a frisby at a single opponent, but it will also hit other targets with a perfect execution.
  • Whirlwind Slash: This spinning sword attack hits the main target and anyone standing around them. Also inflicts bleeding on the main target.
  • Way of the Sword: Stan deals a series of powerful slashes against the opponent, which causes Burning and removes Armor.