South Park: The Stick of Truth Chinpokomon Locations

Chinpokomon Locations

Chinpokomon represents Trey Parker and Matt Stone's satiric take on Pokemon and popular Japanese cultural fads, from an episode of the television show's third season. The Stick of Truth contains 30 different Chinpokomon for the player to collect. Remember that many of them need to be shot down and cannot be reached otherwise. (* denotes a Chinpokomon that can be missed if you don't get it in that specific mission)


AccountafishSouth Park Gazette, air vent
Beetlebot*UFO, room before the final boss (Alien Abduction mission)
BiebersaurusSewers, near the Crab People
BrocorriIce outside the Tower of Peace
Chu-chu NezumiTree near Butters' house
CosmonewtUFO under Stark's pond
DonkeytronSchool kitchen
FatdactylTicket booth at Bijou Theatre
FerasnarfMr. Mackey's storage unit
Fetuswami*Unplanned Parenthood, next to turret (Forging Alliances mission)
FlowerpotamusSkeeter's Bar and Cocktails
FurrycatNext to Kyle's house, behind the logs
GerbitoadSewers, near Mr. Hankey's house
GophermonCommunity Center, bathroom stall
Gunrilla*Government meeting room (PTA Problems mission)
LambtronTower of Peace
MonkayButters' room
Mouse-TikBathroom next to the Kids' park (Girls' Clubhouse)
PenginCartman's garage
Poodlesaurus RexElementary School air ducts
Pterdaken*Locker on the second floor of school (Attack the School mission)
RabbiTechPolice Station, second floor
Roidrat*Giggling Donkey (The Bard mission)
Roo-StarProfessor Chaos' lair
Shoe*Clyde's Fort (Beat Up Clyde mission)
Sna-katTree outside City Hall
StegmataKyle's garage
TerribovineBench near Tweek Bros. Coffee
VamporkoCommunity Center basketball court
VelocirapstarWindow of Token's house