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Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Address Codes List

Now that the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update has landed, players can now explore dream islands. Thanks to the new character Luna, users can now enter Dream Address codes and visit other players’ uploaded islands. However, in order to visit an island, you will need to have a Dream Access code. With so many islands out there, there’s bound to be a huge number of codes floating about. Thankfully, we’ve curated the awesome ones out there to create our best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Address codes list.

What are the best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Address codes?

Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Address Codes List

The best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dream Address code is DA-1835-9961-3850 (Midgar).

You can find a list of our favorite codes below:

  • Midgar: DA-1835-9961-3850
    • Villagers: Marshal, Raymond, Stitches, Molly, Zucker, Erik, Ankah, Chief, Fauna, and Lucky.
  • Sunstone: DA-1103-1356-8590
    • Villagers: Molly, Erik, Roald, Marina, Melba, Egbert, Shep, Maple, Ruby, and Antonio.
  • Craessyl: DA-8285-5319-5961
    • Villagers: Ankha, Lucky, Zell, Rudy, Renée, Purrl, Bunnie, Stella, Merengue and Wart Jr.
  • Quarantina: DA-9209-6916-6312
  • Cat Island: DA-7007-0096-0768
  • Lilleø: DA-6876-0230-0184
  • Merazonia: DA-8372-3419-8312
  • Sativa: DA-3642-0318-6658
  • Peach Kava: DA-4098-0287-2118
  • Whoville: DA-4506-8641-1810
  • HoloHolo: DA 3136-1841-5311
  • Otterville: DA-8860-8364-6515
  • Faeryland: DA-1953-3254-1249
  • Sakura Bay: DA-1255-5215-8311
  • Luxo: DA-3479-9733-3817
  • Orange Island: DA-5159-4196-3553
  • Arendelle Island: DA-3579-8092-8169

To enter a Dream Address code, you simply have to get into bed and select that you want to sleep. You will then begin a dream sequence where Luna will request a Dream Address code. Pick one of the codes in our list above to explore a new island.

It’s worth remembering that codes may eventually expire when a creator uploads a new version of their island. We’ll be sure to keep this list updated with new and exciting dream islands, so be sure to visit again for new Dream Address codes.

If you discover any more awesome Dream Address codes, be sure to let us know on Twitter at @Game_Revolution.

For more information about the big 1.4.0 update that introduced Luna to the game, as well as many other changes, see the full list of patch notes here.