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Valorant Error Code 31 | How to fix

Valorant is the hottest new release to grace the online competitive shooter arena, but it’s not immune to problems. If you play a lot, you’ve probably noticed that Valorant issues typically appear in the form of error codes. Error code 31 is one of the most common codes, and it’s one that prevents the game from launching or connecting to online matchmaking. Here’s what this error means and what you can do to fix error code 31.

How to fix error code 31 in Valorant

how to fix valorant error code 31

Error code 31 in Valorant is a network communication issue. It appears when the servers fail to retrieve your player name information. The Riot Games support team suggests you can fix error code 31 by restarting the Riot client.

Code 31 is one of the seemingly countless error codes in Valorant. However, it happens to be one of the most common errors. As such, it’s among the handful that are explicitly detailed on the Riot Games Support website.

The fix suggested by the developers involves restarting the game client. Simply close the game and start it back up again. In some cases, you may find that the client needed to download a new update. It may be worth logging out and back in, just to make sure your username and password are correct. Barring anything else, you may also consider restarting your PC. It’s common advice for a reason: It just works.

If the error keeps appearing, you’ve may have a problem somewhere in your network or internet connection. This issue only appears when the game can’t retrieve your individual player information, such as your login details. This could be caused by intermittent internet connections, such as those stemming from a weak WiFi signal. It could also appear if you’re trying to play Valorant through a proxy server or VPN, though using a VPN may actually fix the problem for some users. As usual, your mileage may vary.

Otherwise, error code 31 should be an easy fix. Restart the game, restart the Valorant client, or restart your computer. If you suspect your internet connection is to blame, you may also consider power cycling your router or modem.