Box art - Hellpoint

Hellpoint Beginner’s Guide | Tips for getting started

Hellpoint is a Souls-like, which means it’s difficult and filled with obscure systems. Before you can get a grasp on what’s going on, you’ll likely be pummeled. Even veterans of the genre will benefit from our beginner’s guide. We’ve got tips to help you get through the first part of the game alive.

Below are some beginner’s tips for Hellpoint. These pointers will help you learn some of the game’s systems and give you some strategies for dealing with the horrors lying in wait for you in the dark corners of the space station.

Watch Your Stamina

The green bar in the upper left of your HUD indicates your stamina level. The thing that’s most likely to get you killed early on is running out of stamina when fighting an enemy. Practically everything you do outside of walking expends stamina. When you’re out of stamina, you’re unable to attack, defend, sprint, or jump until the bar refills.

When you first start the game, your stamina can be depleted quickly. So, until you can gather enough Axions to level up your stamina level, you should be extremely cautious. Taking on more than one or two enemies is a death sentence, as it only takes a few heavy attacks to deplete your stamina bar.

Be Aware of the Time

One of Hellpoint‘s unique mechanics is the Black Hole Clock. You’ll see the clock in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. During certain times, you’ll be able to open doors you couldn’t before, and you’ll find more powerful enemies around the station. For more info on this mechanic, check out our guide on the Black Hole Clock.

Learn to Heal

Unlike with Dark Souls, Breaches (this game’s version of a Bonfire) won’t heal you or refill your Healing Methods (this game’s Estus Flask). Instead, you need to refill your Healing Methods by landing attacks on enemies. This means you can’t avoid enemies as you can in Dark Souls. You should be fighting any foes you meet so you can keep plenty of healing charges in reserve.