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What does thrifty mean in Valorant?

If you’ve been winning a lot of matches in Valorant, you may have noticed the thrifty victory status. This is one of several post-round tags that define special conditions which determined the outcome of the round. What does thrifty mean in Valorant, and what does it take to make it appear? Keep reading to find out.

Valorant | What does thrifty mean?

Valorant what does thrifty mean?

In Valorant, thrifty means your team won the round while spending less money than the opposing team. It’s based around the literal definition of the word: Using money in a careful and considerate way. Thrifty will appear whenever you earn a round win with a less expensive loadout than your opponents.

It all ties into the idea of playing eco. If you’re not familiar with that term, it involves making the most of the in-game economy. You want to buy shields and good weapons whenever possible, but you also need to consider the appropriate time to buy. Playing eco involves thinking about the weapons being used by both your teammates and enemy players.

In-game, the phrase “playing eco” generally involves either save rounds or buy rounds. Buy rounds are what they sound like: You buy whatever you can or whatever you want. It’s pretty much the standard procedure. Save rounds, on the other hand, involve delaying the purchase of weapons and armor so that your whole team can afford a better loadout the next round.

If your team saves while the enemy team buys, yet your team manages to win the round, then the word thrifty will pop up on screen. You spent less money than they did and still secured a round win. It’s thrifty, and it’s also a very smart way to play. And in a competitive game like Valorant, playing smart is the best way to win.