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What is strat roulette in Valorant, CS:GO, & R6 Siege?

If you play competitive games like Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or Rainbow Six Siege, you may have heard the phrase “strat roulette.” While it was once used in a derogatory manner, it’s since become a new way to look at playing the game. What does strat roulette mean? And how can it be used to spice up your gaming nights? Read on to find out.

What is strat roulette?

What is strat roulette?

Strat roulette generally refers to a complete lack of strategy. It’s based around the idea that the team has no idea what it’s doing, using different offensive or defensive strategies seemingly at random. Like dropping a ball at a roulette table, you’re simply guessing what might work and hoping for a favorable outcome.

When you hear strat roulette spoken in-game, it’s typically used in a derogatory manner. When spoken by opponents, they’re probably implying that your team doesn’t have any kind of unified strategy. The same is true when spoken by your own team: The opponents either can’t work together or haven’t settled on a plan of action.

However, with video game players being how they are, strat roulette eventually evolved. No longer is it simply a mild insult; instead, it’s now considered an actual way to play the game. You can pick-and-choose strategies at random, and it doesn’t matter if they work or not. It doesn’t even matter if they have a chance of working. The fun comes from trying bizarre, useless, or downright outrageous strategies.

Some might consider it trolling. After all, if you’re using random strategies, you’re not playing seriously. But in the right group, this approach can make for hilarious situations.

Strat roulette in Valorant, CS:GO, and R6 Siege

Strat roulette in Valorant CS:GO Rainbow Six Siege

The idea of deliberate strat roulette has become so common that there are now web-based sites and services designed to facilitate it. Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Rainbow Six Siege in particular all have strat roulette websites where you can randomize different play styles, strategies, or rules. Check out the links below to try it out in your game of choice:

Again, some players may find this behavior to be unsportsmanlike. Depending on the rules being implemented, this approach may even be considered trolling or griefing. Discretion is advised. Looking on the bright side, if you’re actually trying out random styles or strategies, being accused of strat roulette isn’t nearly as insulting.