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Is there a Fall Guys Switch or Xbox One version?

Seeing as though the game just hit PS4 and PC, it is worth wondering if there is a Fall Guys Switch or Xbox One version coming down the line? The game isn’t being published by Sony and could use a big install base. So is the wacky battle royale coming to the Nintendo system or Microsoft system?

Is there a Fall Guys Switch version?

Is there a Fall Guys Switch or Xbox One version?

There is currently no Fall Guys Switch version in the works. The game is only launching on the PS4 and PC. However, it doesn’t seem like a done deal that will only stay on those two platforms.

Mediatonic said that it would “love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line.” That statement was then followed by a plea for fans to go to the game’s Discord server and ask players to speak up if they wanted the game on the Switch. The studio appeared to be rather open and given how much people love Switch ports, seeing Fall Guys running on the Nintendo platform seems somewhat probable.

Is there a Fall Guys Xbox One version?

The same applies to a possible Fall Guys Xbox One port. The game is only launching on the PS4 and PC at this time but Mediatonic said that players should go to the Discord server to ask for this port if they really want it. On that same Discord server, it says that Mediatonic is “always listening” to players that want to see it on other platforms.

There are plenty of games that launch on PC and either the Xbox One or PS4 only to make their way to that other platform (and possibly the Switch) down the line. Cuphead just did that right before Fall Guys‘ release. And given Mediatonic’s openness on the topic, it seems like these ports could happen down the line. Maybe it will even has crossplay if it comes. However, nothing is confirmed until the developer actually confirms it.