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Fall Guys Connection Error | Unable to connect to server fix

Fall Guys connection error is preventing players from accessing the game on PC and PS4, with them being hit by an error message that reads: “Unable to connect to server, please check your connection.” This issue is causing players to either be kicked from games mid-progress, or for them to be booted directly out its lobby. So how do you stop disconnecting in Fall Guys?

The connection error in Fall Guys is currently the result of mass numbers of players trying to access the game. According to the official Fall Guys Twitter account, at least 120,000 people are currently connected to the game. Considering it’s a relatively small game made by a small development team, this is a lot to handle, meaning that its servers are being beefed up.

How to fix Fall Guys connection error

In order to fix this particular connection error, you’ll need to wait it out for the next 30 minutes as there will be “occasional interruptions” across PC and PS4. This will allow players to eventually hop into the party battle royale game without issue.

If you are still struggling with a connection error after this period of time is over, then it’s likely an internet issue. Check your internet speeds and disconnect your router if you’re still having trouble.

As Fall Guys is still in its teething stages, developer Mediatonic is going to need some time to iron out the kinks and ensure that the huge number of players jumping in for the first time can be accommodated. Fall Guys is currently the most-viewed game on Twitch, which is a massive achievement considering it’s competing with heavy-hitters such as Fortnite and League of Legends, so it is inevitably going to face problems as it tries to keep up with the number of people logging in.

Fortunately, the game’s beta period ran smoothly, so hopefully Mediatonic will get this current problem sorted sooner rather than later.