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Fall Guys No Match Found | Stuck on looking for players fix

Players are being confronted by a Fall Guys no match found screen, with them not loading into matchmaking and instead ironically stuck looking for players while falling for an inordinate amount of time. So why are new Fall Guys stuck on looking for players and is there a way to fix it on PS4 and PC? Let’s take a look.

Is there a Fall Guys No Match Found fix?

Fall Guys is continuing to struggle due to the game having just been launched, with players finding it difficult to access the game as developer Mediatonic tries to rectify its teething issues. The game is currently struggling under the weight of the immense number of players trying to access its servers, with Mediatonic revealing that “lots of progress is being made” on its servers and increasing the number of players they can handle.

In the meantime, players who are being confronted by the Fall Guys no match found error will have to wait it out until the error is fixed. Patience is a virtue with this one, as Mediatonic is a relatively small development team currently working on a game that has already topped Twitch’s most-viewed game list.

Why is Fall Guys stuck on looking for players?

Fall Guys is stuck on a loop of looking for players because each player is currently having difficulties trying to access its servers as they’re being tinkered with.

The game’s official Twitter account has already stated that maintenance is being carried out on its servers, meaning that they will be online sporadically until all the faults are ironed out. This includes increasing the number of players the servers can hold, as it has been revealed that at least 120,000 players have already tried to play the game on day one.