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Fall Guys “server already has a game in progress” error fix

Fall Fall Guys released today and is proving to be very popular. Unfortunately, it’s so popular that people are overloading the servers, leading to errors. One of these is the Fall Guys “Sorry, the server already has a game in progress” error.

How to fix “Server already has a game in progress” error in Fall Guys

Fall Guys server already has a game in progress error message

The Fall Guys servers are being hammered, especially on PS4, where the game is free for PS Plus subscribers. As such, you can run into errors like the message stating the server already has a game in progress.

Fortunately, this particular error is an easy fix. Furthermore, in an absolute rarity, the error message gives you the exact step needed to fix it. This connection error pop-up tells you to “try again later,” and that’s precisely what you should do. In this case, “later” means “right now.”

If you get the Fall Guys error telling you, the server already has a game in progress; just acknowledge the message, and you can immediately attempt to join another match. More than likely, it’ll only take you a try or two before you get into a game.

This error likely occurs because of an issue with matchmaking attempting to connect to a server that’s already full instead of automatically switching to a new lobby. Starting matchmaking again should rectify the problem immediately.

Suppose you’re still getting the error message after several attempts to join a game. In that case, you may need actually to wait a while before trying to matchmake again. It’s possible that this error may be displayed when the Fall Guys servers are down, in which case you’ll need to wait until they come back online.

Keep an eye on the official Fall Guys Twitter account for news on the game’s status. It’s a well-maintained and active account and should give you the heads up on any outages.