Will Xbox One controllers be compatible with Xbox Series X?

With the next-generation looming, gamers want to know if Xbox One controllers will work on Xbox Series X. Every time a new console releases, we’ve been forced to upgrade to a whole new set of peripherals. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was different with the Xbox Series X?

We’ll detail which Xbox One controllers, if any, will work on Xbox Series X below. We’ll also point out other peripherals that may be making the generation leap.

Do Xbox One controllers work on Xbox Series X?

The Xbox One controller is one of the handiest gaming devices around. The second model, which introduced Bluetooth, is compatible with just about anything. It’s also one of the most ergonomic controllers ever invented.

For the Xbox Series X, Microsoft isn’t reinventing the wheel. Unlike Sony’s DualSense, the Xbox Series X controller won’t introduce any significant features. The only changes with the upcoming gamepad is an extra button in the middle and a redesigned D-pad.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One controllers will have full compatibility with the Xbox Series X. This includes:

  • Model 1 and 2 Xbox One Controllers
  • Xbox Elite Controllers
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • “Designed for Xbox” third-party Xbox One Controllers

So, pretty much any gamepad designed to work with the Xbox One can be used with the Xbox Series X. This means that for once, you won’t have to purchase a whole new stable of controllers for a next-gen console.

What other Xbox One accessories will work with Xbox Series X?

In addition to Xbox One controllers, the Xbox Series X should be compatible with headsets as well. It can be assumed that joysticks and other peripherals will also work with the new console.

We’ll have to wait for specific compatibility information for third-party accessories. However, for now, you can assume that any peripheral that works with Xbox One will likely work with Xbox Series X.