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Valorant’s New Act Rank System Explained

Episode 1, Act 2 introduces new changes to the Valorant ranking system. The old rank tiers remain the same, but now there’s a different way to rank up. There’s also a new Act Rank Badge that will be displayed on your player card once the Act concludes. This guide will explain how Valorant’s new Act Rank system works and how you can continue ranking up as the Act progresses.

Valorant | How the new Act Rank system works

Valorant - How the new Act Rank system works

The start of Episode 1, Act 2 in Valorant has shaken up the competitive ranking formula. You’ll still be granted a rank title depending on how well you perform, but the way you’ll rank up has changed. These changes all center around the new Act Rank system.

Unlike the old system, the Act Rank system is based solely around your performance in a set number of matches. Your match wins are all represented as icons in a triangular grid. When you win a match at a higher-than-usual rank, one of your lower rank wins will be replaced. That means winning a match at Radiant will force a win at Bronze out of the grid.

Valorant New Act Rank system explained

At the end of the Act, your Act Rank will be determined by your nine highest-ranked wins. You can see these wins represented in the image above by the triangular icons with tiny Valorant logos. Those nine wins will determine the level of your Act Rank Badge, which will be displayed on your player card once the Act is over.

Valorant How Act Rank Badge works

According to Riot Games, the idea behind the Act Rank Badge is based around “proven skill.” It’s not a matter of strict wins or losses. Instead, it’s based on your highest match wins in any given tier. If you can help your team achieve victory at a tier higher than your own rank, then you’ve proven your skill at that specific level. Secure nine such wins, and you’ll eventually increase your final Act Rank.

The new Act Rank system in Valorant is a shift from the norm that might confuse some players. Fortunately, the visual grid serves as a great way to keep track of overall growth and progress.