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Valorant Error Code 7 Fix | Temporary Suspension

Error code 7 in Valorant is a total nuisance. It’s another code that appears alongside connection problems, which is an already frustrating situation. However, it may also appear if you’ve received a temporary suspension or game ban. If you want to know how to fix error code 7, you’ll need to rule out the possibility that you’ve been banned.

How to fix error code 7 in Valorant | Have you been suspended?

how to fix error code 7 in Valorant - have you been suspended?

Error code 7 appears when Valorant encounters an error connecting to the platform. It can typically be fixed by restarting the game client. However, this message also appears if you’ve been suspended from the game. Finding a solution involves ruling out any potential game bans.

First things first, try to restart the Valorant client. This basically involves closing and re-launching the game. If it manages to reconnect, congratulations: You’re in the clear.

If it doesn’t reconnect, you need to think back on your recent in-game behavior. Error code 7 is the only known error code that appears following account suspensions. Hacking, griefing, or too many reports from other players can all result in suspensions, temporary or otherwise. If you think this might have happened to you, check the email you used when you signed up for Valorant. Hopefully it doesn’t contain any bad news.

Assuming the problem isn’t based around a suspension, the final troubleshooting step is to check the current Riot Games server status. Code 7 is a connection problem, so it’s possible the game servers are down. When servers are offline, you won’t be able to connect. This could result in error code 7 or any number of different Valorant error codes.

In most cases, error code 7 can be fixed by restarting the Valorant client. However, there’s no fix for a suspension or game ban — you’ll have to wait out your sentence, however long it may be.