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Valorant how to restart game client error fix

Several Valorant errors instruct players to restart the game client in order to fix the issue. That’s all well and good, but how do you restart the Valorant game client? Stick with this how to restart game client Valorant guide for all the information you need to quickly get back up and running on PC.

How to restart the Valorant game client

how to restart game client Valorant

When an error message asks you to “restart the Valorant game client” it’s simply requesting that you close and then re-open the game. The quickest way to restart the Valorant game client is to press Alt+F4, then simply launch the game again.

Valorant | How to restart the game client

  1. Press Alt+F4 to quickly close Valorant — i.e. the game client.
  2. Launch Valorant to complete restarting the game client.

Once you know that “restart the game client” is just a fancy way of saying reset the game or application, fixing any associated Valorant error is incredibly simple.

If the error that caused you to frantically type “how to restart game client Valorant” also froze Riot Games‘ shooter, then follow the advice below. Pressing Alt+F4 should still work in this situation, but if it doesn’t, you’ll need to close Valorant via the Task Manager application.

How to restart the game client when Valorant freezes

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click the “Task Manager” option.
  2. Click on Valorant and then click “End task” in the bottom right.
  3. Close the Task Manager app and launch Valorant to complete restarting the game client.

With all bases covered, you can now solve any Valorant error message that calls for restarting the game client.

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