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Valorant | How long does it take to defuse?

You need to play smart to win matches in Valorant. In many cases, that involves knowing how much time you have to complete objectives. This is especially true for Bomb or Spike Rush, where you’ll have to move quickly to plant or defuse the bomb. How long does it take to defuse the spike? And is there any way to speed up the process? Read on to find out.

Valorant | How long does it take to defuse the spike?

How long does it take to defuse in Valorant?

It takes seven seconds to defuse the spike in Valorant. You don’t need to defuse all at once, though: There’s checkpoint halfway through the defusal process. That means you can defuse for 3.5 seconds, stop to defend, and then resume where you left off. Still, you’ll need defuse for seven seconds total in order to stop the spike from exploding.

Knowing how long it takes to disarm the spike is all part of playing smart. Toward that front, you’ll want to keep these figures in mind:

  • Planting the spike takes four seconds
  • Defusing the spike takes seven seconds total
  • Spikes take 45 seconds to detonate

You can learn a few lessons by looking at these numbers. Since planting a spike takes four seconds, you won’t be able to plant with less than four seconds remaining in the round. If you try, the round will end before planting succeeds, resulting in a round loss. It’s important to get to the site and plant in a timely manner.

This information also helps understand how much time you have to reach the spike. Since detonation takes 45 seconds and defusal takes seven seconds, you’ll only have 38 seconds to get to the spike after it’s been planted. If it takes longer than that to get there, you won’t have enough time to disarm it.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no defuse kit in Valorant. There’s no equipment you can buy or trick you can use to speed up the defusal process. You’ll need seven seconds total to defuse the spike or your team will lose the round.