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Fallout 76 | Where to find Thistle locations

Staying alive in the wastes of Fallout 76 involves surviving off the land itself. Fortunately, useful items literally grow out of the ground, including Thistle. This spiky little plant is used to to craft a number of healing recipes, and it’s found in several relatively safe locations. Here’s where to start looking.

Where to find Thistle in Fallout 76

Where to find Thistle locations in Fallout 76 map

Thistle in Fallout 76 is easily found in two specific locations. The best places to search include Willard Corporate Housing and Wavy Willard’s Water Park, which are both on the northern end of the map. Thistle grows in abundance between both of these areas.

The first place to start looking is Willard Corporate Housing. Up to eight can be found in this location, including a small cluster of them toward the northwestern side. One or two can be found within the housing area, while two more can be found immediately outside it.

Wavy Willard’s is another place to search. The front entrance to the water park should have one or two sitting in plain view. Another one or two can be found on the path back toward Willard Corporate Housing. It’s also possible to find it growing in and around the park in various places.

Like other consumable items in Fallout 76, Thistle has a variety of uses. It’s a common component of both Disease Cure and Healing Salve, perfect for staying alive in the irradiated wasteland. It’s also used in less-common recipes for Oak Holler Lager and Tato Salad Surprise. Along with sugar, boiled water, wood, and soot flower, it’s also the primary ingredient for Steeped Thistle Tea.

The best place to find Thistle in Fallout 76 is at Willard Corporate Housing. Start on the northwest side, and search for more on the way to Wavy Willard’s Water Park. You should spot several growing along the path.