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Is there Fall Guys skill-based matchmaking?

Is Fall Guys skill-based matchmaking? It can, sometimes, take ages to find a match of the new mean bean machine game, with difficulty spikes and being drawn against players who seem too good at times, too, leading some to question whether the game features skill-based matchmaking or not. Read on to find out if there is skill-based matchmaking in Fall Guys or whether you’re thrown in at random with other players of all skill levels.

Does Fall Guys use skill-based matchmaking?

Fall Guys skill-based matchmaking

We don’t know we’re afraid. It is currently unknown if Fall Guys uses skill-based matchmaking or not, although, it doesn’t appear to be the case. Try as we might, we cannot find details on whether or not the game employs a skill-based matchmaking technique. We do know for certain, however, that there is no ranked mode in the game as of writing. For now, it seems as though there is no Fall Guys skill-based matchmaking. Of course, this guide will be updated if any new information comes to light.

It’s difficult to know how Fall Guys finds opponents as you cannot see the levels of other players. The only way of knowing how good a player is or how high a level they have reached is based on the skin they are wearing. As of writing, we’re going up against players without any skins and players with skins you unlock the more you play the game. Again, though, it’s difficult to know what skill-level another player is in Fall Guys.

There could be some level of skill-based matchmaking at play in the game. You could be playing with players at a similar level to you and you’ll never know it. In a game that’s as random when it comes to winners and losers as this, though, we’re not sure it entirely matters. There’s a lot of luck involved in Fall Guys, especially in the game’s earlier rounds.