Natural Doctrine PS3 Cheats


A Precious Thing (secret) - Found Vasily's ring. - Bronze

Adaptation! (secret) - Switched equipment during battle. - Bronze

Bergman Explorer - Collected a total of 10g of Pluton. - Bronze

Bosom of the Enemy (secret) - Stepped foot in the lair of the gorians. - Bronze

Breath of the Ancient (secret) - Encounter the ancient dragon Onatu, secluded deep within the Sacred Mountain. - Bronze

Complete Victory (secret) - Cleared the game without losing a single ally. - Gold

Death of an Undying King (secret) - Defeated the Undying King that reigned over the abandoned city of Sodom. - Silver

Defeating the Big One (secret) - Defeated a gorian dreadnought. - Silver

Dragon Priestess (secret) - Gomori joined the party. - Bronze

Free and Easy (secret) - Tatyana joined the party. - Bronze

King of the Orcs (secret) - Met Aslan, the Lion of Legend. - Bronze

Labyrinth Domination (secret) - Defeated the minotaur. - Bronze

Leaving the Ritterorden Behind (secret) - Erna joined the party. - Bronze

Li'l Golem Lover (secret) - Mel and her iron giant joined the party. - Bronze

Master of the Undying Army (secret) - Met Gomorrah, the Undying King. - Bronze

Meet the Bergman (secret) - Signed a contract with Anka. - Bronze

NAtURAL DOCtRINE - Earned every other trophy. - Platinum

Next Initiative - Defeated an enemy who had the next Initiative, leading to consecutive Initiatives. - Bronze

Overcoming a Challenge (secret) - Defeated a gorian ultron. - Silver

Pluton Destruction - Used 'Pluton Arrow' for the first time. - Bronze

Pompous Apprentice (secret) - Nebula joined the party. - Bronze

Releasing Mom and Dad (secret) - Defeated Tatyana's parents. - Bronze

Return Fire! - Defeated an enemy with return fire. - Bronze

Revenge! (secret) - Defeated a gorian sentry. - Bronze

Survival of the... (secret) - Defeated the gorian queen. - Silver

To the Burning Castle! (secret) - Entered the fortress of Feste. - Bronze

Together Forever (secret) - Saved Vasily. - Silver

Treasured Ultranium (secret) - Borrowed a rare treasure from the kingdom of the lizardfolk. - Bronze

Unrelenting Sage (secret) - Ingbert joined the party. - Bronze

Vasily...! (secret) - Vasily has left the party... - Bronze

Vogeljaeger Bodyguard - Defeated 100 goblins. - Bronze

War Veteran (secret) - Zekelinde left the party, and joined up once again... - Bronze

Waves of Anger! (secret) - Linked with all 9 allies. - Silver

[Multi] Beginner Collection - Obtained 5 cards. - Bronze

[Multi] Card Collector - Earned 50 cards. - Silver

[Multi] Card Master - Earned 300 cards. - Gold

[Multi] Co-Op Victory - Won a cooperative multiplayer match. - Bronze

[Multi] Dominating Superiors - Defeated a higher ranked player than you. - Bronze

[Multi] Duel Master - Won 100 times. - Gold

[Multi] Rank Up! - Increased your multiplayer rank for the first time. - Bronze

[Multi] Shining Star - Obtained a truly superlative card. - Bronze

[Multi] Super Size! - Obtained a card with a maximum size of 4. - Bronze

[Multi] The Chosen One - Reached A rank. - Silver

[Multi] The First Step - Switched out a card in a registered multiplayer deck. - Bronze

[Multi] Top Rated - Created a deck of rating A or higher. - Silver

[Multi] Victory - Won a competitive multiplayer match. - Bronze