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Fall Guys AFK | Do you get kicked for not playing?

Do you get kicked for not playing Fall Guys? Players can step away from a game for any number of reasons, which can certainly be annoying when you’re in the middle of a team game, but is there any kind of punishment for going away from the keyboard (AFK) when playing Fall Guys? Read on to find out what happens when you go Fall Guys AFK and whether or not the game will kick you for not playing for a while.

Fall Guys AFK | Do you get kicked for not playing?

Fall Guys AFK

No. You don’t get kicked for going AFK in Fall Guys. The only punishment that exists for players that stop playing in Fall Guys is that they lose the round. Mediatonic’s Takeshi’s Castle wannabe features gameplay rounds so short that there wouldn’t be any point in kicking players from the game that go away from their keyboard or controller. Annoying as it is, these players are here to stay unless a different punishment system comes in for those annoying repeat offenders.

For now, you’ll need to simply deal with those AFK players and try to succeed without them in your team games. Just because you’re one player down in Team Tail Tag doesn’t mean you can’t win. Try your hardest and you should do okay despite the AFK players.

Hopefully, though, Mediatonic does introduce a form of punishment for repeat AFK offenders. A ban could work, for example. Right now, however, there is no way of reporting other players in Fall Guys, even if they’re hacking the game. At least the AFK players aren’t actively cheating. Nevertheless, a report function could work well for those infuriated by AFK teammates. The only way you’re getting kicked from a game of Fall Guys right now is if the server goes down. Let’s hope the development team can fix the problem with AFK players in some way though.