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Fall Guys Player Bans | Can you report hackers?

Are Fall Guys player bans being given to speed hackers? Hackers are spoiling the fun by being big cheaters and gaining an unfair advantage, so, can you report hackers in Fall Guys? Find out how you can help to improve the game for everyone in this guide.

Fall Guys Player Bans | Can you report players using hacks?

Fall Guys player bans

The Fall Guys developer is aware that players are hacking its game and currently “working on” a fix. This will presumably include passing down Fall Guys player bans to noted speed hackers. Although you can’t report hackers in-game to help with the process, you can do so via the official Fall Guys Discord.

Mediatonic has reporting channels in the Fall Guys Discord server where you can share the usernames of hackers. The devs clearly pay attention to the channel, so it’s worth taking the time to do so. Yesterday the Fall Guys Twitter account thanked players for reporting speed hackers specifically:

With Fall Guyscontent roadmap confirming that the game will continue to receive post-launch support, hopefully, we’ll eventually see an in-game reporting system implemented. It’d be far more reliable as many players likely aren’t aware of Discord reporting and/or won’t have the foresight to make note of hackers’ usernames.

Fall Guys Player Bans | Can you report players that are hacking?

  • Fall Guys has a problem with speed hackers, as confirmed by the developers.
  • The team is currently “working on it” so we should hopefully see player bans handed down soon.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t conveniently report hacking activity in-game.
  • You can, however, report Fall Guys hackers via the official Discord server.

With hackers being so prevalent, you might be wondering if you can play Fall Guys offline. Either way, check out how to get crowns and the Epic and Legendary costumes you can buy with them.