Box art - Fall Guys

Fall Guys Roadmap | New DLC levels, costumes, and features

It might’ve only just launched following a resoundingly successful beta, but players are already eager to learn what’s next for Fall Guys. Thankfully, developer Mediatonic had the good graces to share its Fall Guys roadmap on social media. Here’s a look at what’s to come for the cutest battle royale game around.

Fall Guys Roadmap | New DLC levels, costumes, and features

Fall Guys roadmap

The Fall Guys roadmap promises new DLC levels, costumes, and features. More exact details and release windows weren’t provided at this early stage, though three colorful new obstacle courses and a cactus costume have been teased.

Undoubtedly the biggest tease, however, relates to the elusive new features. As you can see from the image above, shared by @FallGuysGame on Twitter, the developers are remaining tight-lipped for now. “Features” could relate to almost anything, though we’d speculate on new Fall Guys game modes.

In a nod to Dragonball Z, the Fall Guys DLC roadmap announcement concluded with a quote from Frieza: “You fool, this isn’t even my final form.”

Interestingly, the official Bandai Namco Nordics Twitter account (@BandaiNamcoNO) replied: “The crossover nobody expected!” Bandai Namco is responsible for the Dragonball video games, which prompted an excited “YOOOOOOOOOO HIT ME UP, LET’S ADD DRAGONBALL COSTUMES PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE” from Fall Guys in response.

While that’s far from confirmation that the two properties will crossover, Fall Guys has already collaborated with Valve on a pair of Half-Life costumes.

As popular as Fall Guys is — even beating Fortnite on Twitch at one point — the game’s launch hasn’t been flawless. There are controller issues on PC (which thankfully aren’t hard to fix) and multiple connection errors to battle at the moment.

In time things should settle down, at which point we might have more exact details on the Fall Guys roadmap contents. Stick with GR for updates.