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Are Fall Guys Jelly Beans?

Are Fall Guys Jelly Beans? Mediatonic has crafted a zany action online multiplayer game with a good level of customization, but what do you actually play as? Read on to find out what the Fall Guys playable character is. Discover below what the name of the playable creature is in Fall Guys and find out once and for all if they are, indeed, called Jelly Beans.

Are Fall Guys Jelly Beans?

are Fall Guys jelly beans

Yes. Fall Guys are jelly beans. You can now stop scratching your head over what it is exactly that you play as in the new battle royale game from Mediatonic. And contrary to popular belief, no, they aren’t potatoes!

Devolver Digital and Mediatonic have both taken online to clarify that you do indeed play as jelly beans in Fall Guys. The lovable little fall guys are sentient jelly beans sweets. Hopefully, you’re playing as the sweeter flavors of beans and not something like the rotten fish of the Fall Guys griefers.

The official Devolver Digital website has claimed that the creatures you play as are jelly beans, as seen in this blog post. Again. Stop calling them potatoes. No matter how much you want to. To make things even clearer, the official Fall Guys Twitter account has been calling the cute critters jelly beans.

In this tweet, for example (jokes on the dodgy servers aside), the characters are officially referred to as “jelly beans”:

What’s more, in a discussion with Rudeism on Twitter, the official Fall Guys Twitter account asked the creative streamer to create a controller out of jelly beans and play Fall Guys with it. Playing as jelly beans with jelly beans is some Inception level tomfoolery. Before you ask, yes. Rudeism did play Fall Guys with a controller made out of jelly beans and won. That’s peak Fall Guys if we ever saw it. Check out the video below: