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How to stop Fall Guys griefers from grabbing you

Wondering how to stop Fall Guys griefers from grabbing you? Some people just want to watch the world burn, and many of them stand at the finish line in Fall Guys to screw with players. If you’re sick of intentional losers taking you down with them, here’s how to avoid and escape grabs in Fall Guys.

How to stop Fall Guys griefers from grabbing and dragging you

Fall Guys griefers

Fall Guys griefers can easily be identified as players that stand by the finishing line without crossing it. Try to maneuver around these players or wait for them to grab someone else before passing. If you do get grabbed by a griefer, repeatedly jump to struggle your way free. You should also move in the opposite direction to where they’re attempting to drag you.

Be extra careful if you get grabbed while standing on slime, which acts as a lubricant and accelerates your movement. Griefers will also target players in these areas, so again, avoid any lingering characters and be super cautious when attempting to escape if you do get grabbed.

Honestly, griefers come with the territory in a game like Fall Guys; as frustrating as they might be, try to accept them as one of this fun BR game’s humorous quirks. Getting back into a match doesn’t take long and you won’t have lost too much progress in the grand scheme of things, so try not to take it personally.

How to stop Fall Guys griefers from grabbing you

  • Avoid players that are lingering around the finishing line or near slime.
  • Try to outmaneuver them or wait for them to grab another player first.
  • If a griefer grabs you in one of these common locations (or elsewhere), jump repeatedly.
  • At the same time, move towards the opposite direction to where you’re being dragged.
  • Be extra careful when struggling with a griefer on slime, as your movements are accelerated.

Although griefers can be annoying, at least they aren’t outright cheaters.