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Risk of Rain 2 Scrap Machine | What does it do?

Risk of Rain 2 update version 1.0 has introduced a suite of new items and features. Among the list is the Scrap Machine, which serves a very specific and important role when creating builds. These little Scrappers aren’t very common, but their use is tied specifically to 3D Printers. When used properly, they’ll help you focus your builds and earn more powerful abilities. Here’s how they work.

What does the Scrap Machine in Risk of Rain 2 do?

What does the Scrap Machine in Risk of Rain 2 do?

The Scrap Machine in Risk of Rain 2 is used to turn items of any rarity into scrap. Item Scrap is prioritized when using a 3D Printer to create new items. The Scrap Machine lets you choose which items you want to keep and which ones the 3D Printer will destroy.

Item Scrap is one of the new items introduced in Risk of Rain 2 update version 1.0. It can only be acquired through use of the Scrap Machine, which will undoubtedly come to be known as the Scrapper. This machine accepts items of any rarity, from Common to Lunar and everything in between.

There is one catch to its use: Item Scrap will be generated at the rarity level of the item that’s been destroyed. As such, 3D Printers for green-colored Rare items will only accept green Item Scrap. The same applies to Common, Lunar, Boss, and Legendary items — though you’re very unlikely to encounter 3D Printers for red or yellow items.

Risk of Rain 2 Scrap Machine - Item Scrap Rarity

The Scrap Machine is basically a way to help you flesh out certain builds without using the Artifact of Choice. You already know that 3D Printers are great when you want a stack of a certain item. Before, you’d never know which of your items a printer would destroy. Now, if you have Item Scrap on hand, it will destroy those first, leaving the rest of your items safe and secure.

Scrap Machines are one of the most important new features of Risk of Rain 2. They won’t appear if you’re using the Artifact of Choice, but they’ll otherwise let you choose which items you’d like to keep and which would be better utilized at a 3D Printer.