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Why can’t I update Fortnite Mobile? (iOS and Android)

Why can’t I update Fortnite Mobile? This is a question that both iOS and Android Fortnite players have been left asking recently. Those that have the mobile game downloaded are no longer getting Fortnite app updates, unfortunately leaving them lagging behind the other platforms. So, what’s the big deal? Here’s what you need to know about missing Fortnite Mobile updates on Android and iOS.

Why can’t I update Fortnite Mobile for iOS and Android?

Why can't I update Fortnite Mobile?

The iOS and Android versions of Fortnite have been delisted. This means that new players can not download Fortnite Mobile, but also that existing owners can not update their applications. While Fortnite is currently still playable on smartphones and tablets for those that already have it downloaded, the game will not be updated alongside the PC and console versions.

This was confirmed by Fortnite developer Epic Games, which stated:

“Apple has blocked Fortnite from the App Store, removing everyone’s ability to install and update the game on iOS devices.”

This statement was made before Fortnite was also delisted on Android — now, the same applies there. The reason for platform holders delisting Fortnite is the Mega Drop deal. In a move that aimed to shame Apple and Google, Epic offered customers discounts on V-Bucks by making direct purchases, cutting out those companies’ share of the profits, and in the process violating their terms.

Basically, there’s a dispute over who gets what share of the money you spend in Fortnite. Until that dispute is settled and the game is relisted, there won’t be regular (if any) Fortnite Mobile updates.

Why can’t I update Fortnite Mobile? (iOS and Android)

  • It’s normal that you can’t update Fortnite on iOS and Android.
  • Due to a dispute between Fortnite developer Epic Games and both platform holders, Fortnite Mobile has been delisted on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • As a result of this, Fortnite Mobile will not be receiving iOS and/or Android updates until an agreement is reached.

It’s worth noting that new Fortnite updates will continue as planned on all non-mobile platforms. Update 2.80 just landed, in fact.