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Marvel’s Avengers ‘No Internet Connection’ error fix

This Marvel’s Avengers “No Internet Connection” error fix should get you back up and running before you know it. The annoying error message is popping up consistently for some players, proving to be the game’s true supervillain. Stick around to learn how to fix this particular Marvel’s Avengers network connection lost error.

How to fix the Marvel’s Avengers ‘No Internet Connection’ error

Marvel's Avengers 'No Internet Connection' error fix

While playing Marvel’s Avengers, many players are being told that they don’t have an active internet connection. The full Marvel’s Avengers “No Internet Connection” error message reads as follows:


The network connection to your system has been lost. Make sure your Ethernet cable is connected properly.”

As the message indicates, this error occurs for those with wired internet connections. As instructed, you’ll want to check that the Ethernet cable is connected securely at both ends before attempting further troubleshooting steps.

Marvel’s Avengers ‘No Internet Connection’ error fix

  1. Make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected properly at both ends.
  2. Close Marvel’s Avengers completely and reboot the game.
  3. No luck? Try using a different Ethernet cable if you have one to hand.
  4. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and set up a Wi-Fi connection.

If you still see the Marvel’s Avengers “No Internet Connection” error after following the above steps, but your internet connection is otherwise fine, then you’ve encountered a glitch. Unfortunately, the only “fix” in this situation is to wait for developer Crystal Dynamics to address the problem.

You can contact Square Enix Support regarding the issue, though keep in mind that Marvel’s Avengers is in beta at the time of writing. The ongoing test aims to help devs identify and fix issues ahead of launch — problems are par for the course. While it’s unfortunate that some players’ time with the beta is less than stellar, try to see it as a positive means of ironing out bugs ahead of the full September 4 launch.