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Apex Legends Crafting | How to craft in Season 6

Apex Legends Crafting is making its debut in the next season! No, Apex Legends Season 6 Crafting isn’t going to be about making emotes and various other cosmetics like we’ve always been able to do — this is a brand-new mechanic that can actually be used during matches.

Previously, Apex Legends debuted a crafting system at the launch of the game. This system allowed players to create cosmetics if they didn’t get them from Apex Packs. However, an all-new Crafting system is making its debut when Season 6 launches and it looks like it’s going to be a serious game-changer.

How does Apex Legends Crafting work in Season 6?

Apex Legends Crafting Replicator screen

The new Apex Legends Crafting mechanic makes use of a device called the “Replicator.” This new object on the map takes extracted materials and allows players to craft a variety of different items and upgrades depending on how much materials they have. The debut of the Apex Legends Season 6 trailer showed us the Replicator menu and it gives us a lot of insight into the system.

What can you craft in Apex Legends?

  • Devotion LMG – 40 Materials (Common, Daily)
  • Extended Energy Mags – 25 Materials (Epic, Daily)
  • Turbocharger – 35 Materials (Legendary, Daily)
  • Mobile Respawn Beacon – 50 Materials (Rare, Weekly)
  • Knockdown Shield – 30 Materials (Epic, Weekly)
  • Med Kit – 20 Materials (Rare, Permanent)
  • Shotgun Shells – 5 Materials (Common, Weapon Fit)
  • ??? – 45 Materials (Common, Permanent)

Notably, these items seem to have time-based labels. It appears that the Crafting menu will rotate on a daily and weekly basis, with some items (like the Med Kit) permanently available for Crafting via the Replicator.

How do you get Apex Legends Crafting Materials?

Apex Legends Crafting Materials canister

As the Replicator menu notes, Crafting at the Replicator requires a new resource called “Materials” — how do you get them?

It’s not entirely clear how players acquire Materials, but the Season 6 trailer did give us some hints. Rampart (the new Legend debuting in Season 6) says “Materials here!” in the trailer as the camera pans past the canister seen in the image directly above.

As best as we can tell, players can somehow harvest the Materials shown in the image. That means that Crafting will require you to collect Materials at one of these stations and then successfully make it to the Replicator — something that is sure to be a challenge in Season 6.