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When is the Apex Legends Season 6 Start Date?

When is the Apex Legends Season 6 start date? The new Season is getting ready to start with the new Crafting mechanic, a number of changes to World’s Edge, and the debut of the new Legend Rampart. All of this and more is coming in Apex Legends Season 6 — and you’ll be able to play it sooner than you think.

As you may know, Apex Legends introduces new content in “Seasons” which lasts for several weeks. Each Season typically makes some map changes or adds a new map, debuts a new Legend, and brings some other cool content to the game.

One of the most fundamental changes coming this time around is the introduction of a Crafting system. No, I’m not talking about the existing mechanic that lets players create cosmetics that they may be missing — this all-new Crafting system will allow you to harvest resources on the map and then use those to make things you can actually use in the match. Thus far, the Crafting system has revealed the ability to make Med Kits, the Devotion LMG, and a bunch of other cool items and power-ups.

All of the new content that’s on the way is certainly cool, but that leaves us with just one question: when will we be able to actually play all of this cool new content?

When is the Apex Legends Season 6 Start Date?

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The Apex Legends Season 6 start date is Tuesday, August 18, 2020. As always, this comes with some caveats — it may not debut on all platforms at exactly the same time, although this is the date that Respawn Entertainment has settled on for launching Season 6.

Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment will be able to hold onto that start date and have the new Season of content ready to go when they should. You’ll be able to play as Rampart, try out crafting, and enjoy the new changes coming to World’s Edge on the Apex Legends Season 6 start date of August 18, 2020.