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Tips and Tricks

There are three critical currencies in Guardian Cross: Guardian Points, hunting tickets and Coliseum pieces. Guardian Points are spent whenever you enhance cards with duplicates, hunting tickets allow you to head off into the wilds to gather more creatures, and Coliseum passes allow you to take part in the multiplayer component of the game.

To load up on friend points, go to the social menu, add friends, and then go to the treasure box icon to accept all of the friend point gifts for adding them.

Also wage mock battles against your friends. Of course maximize your friends when you are at a low level, so that when you level up, there’s a chance that you’ll win the mock battle, thus earning your more friend points than if you lost.

Spend your friends points on a normal hunting tickets (which costs 50 friend points each). Rare guardians can be found so frequently in the normal hunting range that you actually get more of them by buying normal hunting tickets than rare ones directly.

It is random whether you’ll get a common one or a rare one when you are out hunting for new guardians. Look at the form of the guardian (humanoid, bird, etc) for a hint. Keep in mind a particularly slow-moving guardian is more likely to be a rare one.

Keep in mind you only have 60 seconds on each attempt to bag as many Guardians as you can. Once you've finished off a roaming monster, follow the red arrows to move your scope towards the next prey.

During the quests to gain more experience points before you move onto tap on a person or monster that you have already beaten in battle and fight them again. You will earn the same amount of experience points as you did the first time that you fought them.

Remember that regular players will receive bonus rewards for logging in every day so it's well worth firing the game up briefly to grab the goods.