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How to heal in Mortal Shell

You will absolutely have to learn how to heal in Mortal Shell in order to survive its brutal world. Even Soulslike veterans will die a few times mastering this game’s unique mechanics. So how can you heal in Mortal Shell? What are the Mortal Shell healing items?

How to heal in Mortal Shell | What are the healing items

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to heal in Mortal Shell, but, to be totally clear, there is no Estus Flask equivalent in this game. Your healing items are all consumables.

With that said, the first and most common way to heal is to use certain items. The most common item is the Weltcap Mushroom, which is the red mushroom you can find in most areas in the game. They regrow after a period of time in the same spots. They yield 30 health over 30 seconds (but faster if you’re familiar).

Roasted Rats are another decent health source. You can find these in the main swampy part of the game near camps or on enemy corpses. It heals 35 to 45 health over 10 seconds, depending on how familiar you are with it. However, it does drain Resolve.

How to heal in Mortal Shell

Using the Seal Infusion parry is also a good way to regain health. This takes timing, but once you get the item from the Old Prisoner, you can hit the parry button (L1 or LB) right as an enemy attacks. Hit the R1 or RB button to do a riposte, which does a ton of damage and gives you health back. This is one of the three parries you get in the game. Once you get them, you can press Triangle or Y to switch between your parries. The healing one has a red ball as an icon.

The Scripture of Euphoria consumable item also gives you health upon a successful parry. The Mortal Token item also grants health if you use it and the get struck while hardening. Rotten Food, which is found on enemies, can also heal you for a tiny bit of health but greatly drains your resolve. The baguette, which is rare, also refills your health.

There are mostly just stopgap ways to earn back a bit of health. There are only two ways to completely refill your health. One way is to touch your shell again after you die. Think of this as going to reclaim your Souls after you die. This only refills your health if your physical shell is still there, meaning you got hit while in your shell-less form. Just picking up your red dot gravestone won’t refill your health.

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The other way is to just visit a Sester. Sipping from their Divine Tar will reset all of the enemies and refill your precious health.