Hyrule Warriors Character Guide (Part 2)

Character Guide (Part 2)

Midna (Beat Twilight Field - Land of Twilight)

  • Cursed Shackle: Starting weapon
  • Twilight Shackle: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 3-9
  • Sol Shackle: "A" rank for Adventure Mode 8-15

Fi (Beat Skyloft - Land in the Sky)

  • Goddess Sword: Starting weapon
  • Goddess Longsword: "A" rank reward for Adventure Mode 6-5
  • True Goddess Blade: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 8-14

Ganondorf (Beat Valley of Seers - Shining Beacon)

Great Sword
  • Swords of Despair: Starting weapon

Ghirahim (Beat Adventure Mode 7-3)

Demon Swords
  • Demon Tribe Sword: Starting weapon
  • Demon Longsowrd: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 4-5

Ruto (Beat Adventure Mode 5-10)

Zora Scale
  • Silver Scale: Starting weapon

Agitha (Beat Adventure Mode 4-7)

  • Butterfly Parasol: Starting weapon
  • Luna Parasol: "A" rank in Adventure Mode 5-1

Zant (Beat Adventure Mode 3-3)

  • Usurper's Scimitars: Starting weapon

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