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Hyrule Warriors Wii U Cheats

General Tips

  • Leveling up increases your attack power, so be sure to do it often.
  • You want your weapons to have more stars, because they increase attack power.
  • Dodge and then hold down the button to run.
  • Skills that raise the experience you receive are always good choices.
  • Feel free to use money for leveling up, as it's not needed for much else.



  • Aeralfos Leather
  • Agitha's Basket
  • Argorok's Embers
  • Big Poe's Lantern
  • Big Poe's Necklace
  • Cia's Bracelet
  • Cia's Staff
  • Darunia's Spikes
  • Dinolfos Arm Guard
  • Dinolfos Fang
  • Essence of Icy Big Poe
  • Fiery Aeralfos Leather
  • Ganon's Mane
  • Ganondorf's Gauntlet
  • Ghirahim Sash
  • Gibdo Bandage
  • Gohma's Acid
  • Goron Armor Breastplate
  • Heavy Gibdo Sword
  • Hylian Captain Gauntlet
  • Icy Big Poe's Lantern
  • Icy Big Poe's Talisman
  • Impa's Hair Band
  • King Dodongo's Claws
  • Lana's Hair Clip
  • Large Darknut Sword
  • Link's Boots
  • Link's Scarf
  • Lizalfos Gauntlet
  • Lizalfos Scale
  • Manhandla's Toxic Dust
  • Metal Moblin Shield
  • Metal Plate
  • Midna's Fused Shadow
  • Midna's Hair
  • Moblin Flank
  • Moblin Spear
  • Monster Tooth
  • Old Rag
  • Piece of Darknut Armor
  • ReDead Bandage
  • ReDead Knight Ashes
  • Rock
  • Round Aeralfos Shield
  • Ruto's Earrings
  • Sheik's Kunai
  • Shield-Moblin Helmet
  • Soldier's Uniform
  • Stalmaster Wrist Bone
  • Stalmaster's Skull
  • The Imprisoned Scales
  • Thick Goron Helmet
  • Volga's Helmet
  • Wizzro's Ring
  • Wizzro's Robe
  • Zant's magic Gem
  • Zelda's Brooch
  • Zelda's Tiara


Character Unlocks

You can unlock additional playable characters by satisfying the corresponding requirements indicated below.

  • Agitha - Clear the battle on square 7, 4 in Adventure Mode (Water Bomb item card required)
  • Darunia - Clear Death Mountain
  • Fi - Clear Skyloft
  • Ganondorf - Clear the second Valley of Seers stage
  • Ghirahim - Clear the battle on square 3, 7 in Adventure Mode (Candle item card required)
  • Impa - Clear Hyrule Field
  • Lana - Clear Faron Woods
  • Midna - Clear Twilight Field
  • Ruto - Clear the battle on square 10, 5 in Adventure Mode (Power Bracelet item card required)
  • Sheik - Clear Eldin Caves
  • Zant - Clear the battle on square 3, 3 in Adventure Mode (Digging Mitts item card required)
  • Zelda - Clear Lake Hylia, Palace of Twilight, and Sealed Grounds

True Master Sword

The Master Sword has a locked skill.  In order to unlock it, you must first collect every weapon for every character.  Once you do, defeat 25,000 enemies with the Master Sword to unlock the skill.  Other weapons also have purple locks.  Once you've unlocked the Master Sword's skill, you can start unlocking those.

Zora and Goron Tunics

You can unlock Zoron and Goron tunics for Link to wear. They don't impart any special defense, but they still look cool. To obtain the blue (Zora) tunic, find 20 skulltulas and complete the first image. You do this by clearing Legends modes, and sometimes you can also obtain them in the Adventure mode. When you finish the first image, you'll be able to access a Rewards map in Adventure Mode. Complete the new level that appears there for the blue tunic. The red (Goron) tunic is your reward once you complete all of the Rewards map levels.