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Best Joystick for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is getting a great reception, and deservedly so. If you want to take your MS Flight Sim 2020 experience to the next level, however, then you’ll need the right hardware. In this guide, we’ll share the best joystick for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 along with the best HOTAS and best yoke.

It’s worth noting that with the hype surrounding the latest installment of Microsoft Flight Simulator being at a fevered pitch, we can’t guarantee all of the featured peripherals will be in stock.

What is the best joystick for Flight Simulator 2020?

best joystick for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The best joystick for Flight Simulator 2020 is the CH Products Flightstick Pro.

If you want to improve your flight simulation experience, standalone joysticks are the best point of entry for beginners. They’re reasonably priced and don’t ask for too much technical knowhow.

Best MS Flight Simulator joystick

  • CH Products Flightstick Pro: $74.95
    • 4 buttons.
    • 8-way hat switch.
    • 22 programmable functions.
    • Control Manager programming software.
    • Comfortable, rugged grip.
    • Suitable for ambidextrous use.

The CH Products Flightstick Pro is affordable and enduring, placing it as one of the most popular standalone flight sticks on the market. It’s also easy to set up and manage while boasting some advanced features.

Best budget MS Flight Simulator joystick

The Thrustmaster USB Joystick is a cheap and cheerful equivalent to the more expensive CH Products offering. It manages to retain many of the same features, though compromises on build quality and customization.

What is the best HOTAS for Flight Simulator 2020?

best HOTAS for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The best HOTAS for Flight Simulator 2020 is the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog.

If you want to take things up a notch from the entry-level flight stick option, then adding a dedicated throttle for a HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick) setup is your best bet.

Best MS Flight Simulator HOTAS

  • Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog: $423.12
    • Official replica of the U.S. Air Force’s A 10C aircraft.
    • 19 buttons.
    • 8-way hat switch.
    • “Surgical” joystick precision.
    • Dual throttle system (push and pull).
    • Disengageable afterburner.
    • Control panel with 5 programmable LEDs.
    • T.A.R.G.E.T advanced programming software.
    • Metal construction is sturdy, weighted, and comfortable.

It’s a massive price jump, but if you’re serious about MS Flight Sim 2020 then this is the premium HOTAS setup you want. Not only does it look and feel great, but the addition of a dual throttle (allowing independent control of two motors) dramatically increases your immersion due to the added realism.

You can also buy a standalone Thrustmaster Warthog Flight Stick for $279.99 — if you’re using a standalone joystick you’re probably new to the whole flight simulation thing, though, so it might be overkill.

Best budget MS Flight Simulator HOTAS

  • Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick: $64.99
    • 12 buttons.
    • 8-way hat switch.
    • High-precision joystick with adjustable resistance.
    • Entirely programmable.
    • Dedicated “PRESET” button to instantly switch between saved programs.
    • Wide rest for increased comfort.

This lower-end Thrustmaster HOTAS will get the job done if you’re just looking for a cheaper configuration. Although the throttle and joystick share a base, the wide rest should help to alleviate any discomfort. Programming functions and preset swapping are a nice touch considering the price; it’s super easy to switch between multiple control preset that you might have for flying different planes.

What is the best yoke for Flight Simulator 2020?

best yoke for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The best yoke for Flight Simulator 2020 is the Logitech G PRO Flight Yoke System.

Yokes are arguably the pinnacle of flight simulation hardware and can cost thousands of dollars as a result. We’ll be avoiding those insanely high-end cockpit replicas to bring you the best yokes within an attainable price range.

Best MS Flight Simulator yoke

  • Logitech G PRO Flight Yoke System: Priced from $326.99
    • 14 buttons.
    • 8-way hat switch.
    • 3-position mode switch.
    • 25 fully programmable buttons and switch positions.
    • Stainless steel construction.
    • Separate 3-axis lever throttle.
    • 2-position clamp for securing the yoke shaft.
    • LCD display.

The Logitech G Pro seeks to put you in the pilot’s seat; there’s arguably no better way to simulate being a commercial and/or private pilot in MS Flight Sim 2020 without spending a huge amount of money. This particular yoke is also modular, meaning that if you love the experience and want to add Logitech G PRO Rudder Pedals or flight panels (used to display your gauges), you absolutely can. That’ll make the yoke setup more expensive, obviously, but it’s nice to be able to spread the cost across multiple purchases.

Best budget MS Flight Simulator yoke

  • CH Flight Sim Yoke: Priced from $239
    • 12 buttons.
    • 8-way hat switch.
    • 144 programmable functions.
    • Included programming software.
    • Integrated lever throttle.
    • Two detachable feet for adjustable tabletop use.

Although $200+ still isn’t the most budget-friendly price point, you’ll struggle to find a quality yoke for less. CH Products make sturdy flight sim peripherals at reasonable prices, so you can’t go far wrong with their yoke if you’re looking for a cheaper option. It’s not the flashiest piece of kit, granted, but if you’re looking to take to the skies with a control wheel and throttle then it gets the job done.

Conveniently, unlike the Logitech G PRO, you don’t have to clamp this yoke to a desk or simulation rig. Tabletop feet are included, which also makes the CH Flight Sim Yoke more portable than many alternatives.

Best Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 peripherals

Whatever your budget and whether you’re in the market for a joystick, HOTAS setup, or a yoke you should now have a good idea of the best products to purchase in order to improve your MS Flight Sim 2020 experience.