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Rogue Legacy 2 | How to open the Throne Room Doors

As you play through Rogue Legacy 2, you’ll eventually run into a set of locked Throne Room Doors in the Citadel of Agartha. You’ll need to open these doors to get to the boss, but the first time you come across them, you’ll probably just get the message, “The throne room doors are currently sealed….” Here’s how to get the boss chamber doors open so you can progress through in Rogue Legacy 2.

How do you open the Throne Room Doors in Rogue Legacy 2?

Rogue Legacy 2 Throne Room Door Puzzle

You’ll need to meet a few requirements before opening the throne room doors in Rogue Legacy 2. Before you can unlock them, you’ll have to obtain both Aesop’s Tome and Ananke’s Shawl. Both of these Heirlooms can be found by locating the two kneeling statues in the Citadel of Agartha and completing the Insight challenges they hold.

To open the doors, you’ll have to complete the Inner Demons Insight, which leads to Aesop’s Challenge. This will give you Aesop’s Tome, which is needed to decipher memory fragments. After you have this Heirloom, you’ll need to find the chamber containing the throne room doors. Every time you visit the castle, the rooms are arrayed in a different pattern, so you’ll just have to explore to find it.

Once you located the area containing the throne room doors, you’ll need to look to the right of the doors to find the glowing memory fragment. Interact with it, and you’ll obtain the Lighting the Way Insight.

This Insight gives you the hint you need to solve the puzzle in this room. You’ll notice a lantern to either side of the doors. To unlock the throne room doors, you’ll need to use a downward strike on each of the lamps to light them. This can be tricky since they only stay lit for a very short period after striking them. However, if you use the dash, you should be able to figure it out within a few minutes.

Once both lanterns are lit, the throne room doors will unlock. Now, you can fight the boss of the Citadel of Agartha.