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Is there a Mortal Shell new game plus mode?

Is there a Mortal Shell new game plus mode? The challenging RPG has drawn valid comparisons to Dark Souls, but does it incorporate one of that series’ key features? Keep scrolling as we detail everything you need to know about Mortal Shell new game + features.

Mortal Shell New Game Plus | Is there NG+ mode?

Mortal Shell new game plus

Thankfully, there is a Mortal Shell new game plus mode. As you’d expect, it can only be accessed after defeating the final boss to complete the game. Opting to play the Mortal Shell NG+ mode places you back at the beginning of the game with all of your inventory and upgrades intact.

You’ll be presented with a choice after defeating the last Mortal Shell boss — either stay in your current game, or restart in new game+ mode. Should you opt for the latter, all of your Shells, levels, weapons, items, and item familiarities will carry over. This means that you’re much better equipped from the start and can keep grinding to max your character out. Of course, you can also grab any lore and miscellaneous Achievements/Trophies you may have missed the first time.

It’s definitely worth sticking with Mortal Shell, as it’s one of the slicker and more streamlined Soulslikes out there. The Game Revolution review confirms as much, concluding that players aren’t overwhelmed with “content for content’s sake” in a time when gameplay bloat runs rampant.

Is there a Mortal Shell new game plus mode?

  • Yes, there’s a Mortal Shell new game plus mode.
  • When you complete Mortal Shell, you can choose to stay in your current game or restart in NG+.
  • New game + carries over all of your existing equipment, items, and upgrades.

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