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Risk of Rain 2 | Forgive Me Please Equipment Unlock

A bunch of new items were introduced when Risk of Rain 2 went gold with update 1.0. Among them is a freaky doll called Forgive Me Please, and it’s one of the game’s most powerful pieces of equipment. What does Forgive Me Please do, and how do you unlock it? Read on to find out.

Risk of Rain 2 Forgive Me Please | Equipment Effects

Risk of Rain 2 Forgive Me Please - Equipment Effects

Forgive Me Please is a new item introduced in Risk of Rain 2 update version 1.0. Taking the form of a cursed doll, Forgive Me Please drops a totem that triggers on-kill effects every second for eight seconds total. As of the latest patch, up to three dolls can be active at any given time.

Because it’s equipment, it’s possible to deploy dolls fast and frequently using certain items. Soulbound Catalyst and Gesture of the Drowned make for a particularly good combination, as the doll will reduce its own cooldown and Gesture will deploy it automatically. Otherwise, each doll has a 45-second cooldown.

Still, your real focus should be on-kill effects. Throwing a doll forces these effects once a second for eight seconds, effectively causing eight effects each. With the right combination of items, you can hit nearby enemies with elemental attacks and heal yourself at the same time.

Here’s the list of items with effects that can be triggered with Forgive Me Please:

  • Gasoline – Ignites enemies within radius
  • Will-O-the-Wisp – Spawns lava pillars
  • Ceremonial Dagger – Spawns homing daggers
  • Frost Relic – Spawns ice storm
  • Resonance Disk – Charges the disc
  • Soulbound Catalyst – Reduces equipment cooldown
  • Fresh Meat – Increases your health regeneration
  • Infusion – Increases your max health
  • Monster Tooth – Drops healing orbs
  • Interstellar Desk Plant – Drops healing plants
  • Topaz Brooch – Grants temporary barrier
  • Bandolier – Drops ammo packs / resets cooldowns
  • Ghor’s Tome – Drops treasure

How to unlock Forgive Me Please | I Love Dying Challenge

If you haven’t unlocked Forgive Me Please yet, you will in time. Unlocking the doll requires completing the challenge called I Love Dying!, which requires you to die 20 times. Most players will have this unlocked before they know it, but you can always make a few suicide runs to speed up the process.

Forgive Me Please may not be the most exciting equipment in Risk of Rain 2, but it is among the most powerful. When used with the right combination of items, these cursed dolls can heal your crew and obliterate any nearby enemies.