Box art - Drakengard 3

Drakengard 3 Weapon List

Weapon List



Azure CleaverChapter 4, Verse 1 (shop)
Duchess's DanceChapter 5, Verse 3 (shop)
ElectroshockerChapter 3, Verse 5 (shop)
Everlasting RingGift from Octa
Imperial CoffinBook Club Sanctity (Accord mission)
Ring of LamentChapter 4, Verse 2 (chest)
Rule of Divine LawGift from Octa
Skyward WindBranch B, Verse 1 (shop)
Vidofnir's BladeBranch C, Verse 2 (shop)
Widow's SinLost Verse 1 (shop)

Combat Bracers


Azure ArmsComet's Trail (Accord mission)
Captain's GuardGift from Decadus
Crimson ImpalersChapter 5, Verse 2 (chest)
Darklord's FlameBranch B, Verse 3 (chest)
Darkseal OrderLost Verse 1 (chest)
Deathly BriarsLost Verse 1 (shop)
Golden PetalsChapter 3, Verse 3 (chest)
Iceborn SlayersChapter 3, Verse 2 (shop)
Imperial ClawsChapter 4, Verse 2 (shop)
Masochistic JoyGift from Decadus
Tyrant's PlaythingsBranch C, Verse 3 (shop)



Bloodwyrm's FlameBranch B, Verse 2 (shop)
Conjurer's StaffChapter 5, Verse 2 (shop)
Eternal WailChapter 3, Verse 5 (shop)
Final KnellBranch C, Verse 4 (chest)
Guardian's OathChapter 3, Verse 1 (shop)
Imperial TearsBranch C, Verse 1 (shop)
Robber KingChapter 4, Verse 2 (shop)
Seer's LureChapter 5, Verse 3 (chest)
Sins of the FallenGift from Dito
Spear of EmpathyFlint Stint (Accord mission)
Thunder PrincessChapter 2, Verse 2
Twisted HungerGift from Dito



BloodletterChapter 5, Verse 3 (shop)
Broken IronShooting Stars (Accord mission)
Ceremonial BladeChapter 2, Verse 1 (chest)
Cries and WhispersGift from Cent
Eternal VoiceChapter 1, Verse 1 (chest)
False PactGift from Cent
Feral King's WildbladeLost Verse 2 (shop)
Gaia's FlameBranch B, Verse 1 (chest)
Imperial FangBranch C, Verse 2 (shop)
MoonfireBranch C, Verse 1 (chest)
Mourning ThornLost Verse 3 (shop)
Once a WomanBranch C, Verse 3 (chest)
Saintly BrimstoneChapter 4, Verse 1 (shop)
Sinful ScreamChapter 1 (shop)
Skyward ThunderBranch B, Verse 3 (shop)
Thunder LordChapter 2, Verse 2 (shop)
Virginal SinOn the Move (Accord mission)
Zero's BladeDefault weapon