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Drakengard 3 Character Guide

Character Guide


The protagonist of Drakengard 3. She loves to use swords, but also has a gentler side with her impressive singing ability. As you can see from pictures of her, she has a flower that grows from her right eye.


Zero's younger sister, who is far more serious and foreboding. Her piercing red eyes contrast Zero's pink eyes, signifying a perhaps darker side.


The second sister of Zero possesses a far more joyful personality and governs the Land of Sands. Keeping in line with the colorful features among sisters, she can instantly be recognized by her bright blue hair.


The third Intoner sister governs the Land of Forests with an apathetic attitude that ignores others. In fact, she doesn't even care about Zero. Soldiers seem to like here though.


A proper and presentable Intoner sister who rules the Land of Mountains. Beyond her exterior, she has a self-esteem problem. Much like other characters in the game, she has sexual desires. Unlike her other sisters though, she is a virgin.


The youngest Intoner sister rules the Land of Seas. She is driven by greed, and always look for something new. Thus, she can never be truly satisfied. Also, she enjoys talking about sex.


A woman who observes Zero and narrates the story.


Cent is handy with his twin-sword and has a lot of confidence because of that, but he also spreads rumors and gets into trouble.


Decadus is one of the disciples and relies on his fists in combat. He acts kind toward others, but also uses pain to his advantage and channels it in order to better perform.


A smart young man who utilizes a spear and his own wit to defeat others. He doesn't appear dangerous on the surface, but can be incredibly hurtful and maniacal.


Just like Zero has Mikhail, One has Gabriella. She is a faithful dragon partner to One.


A pacifist dragon who serves as Zero's partner. He's proven to be a valuable ally to Zero, and has saved her many times. He also possesses great intelligence and advocates calm discussions to resolve issues.


A disciple who has an unhealthy interest in sex. He uses a special hoop as a weapon, which matches his unusual features. Looks can be deceiving though, as he also possesses great intelligence.