Is there Black Myth: Wukong multiplayer?

Is there Black Myth: Wukong multiplayer? Following a stunning gameplay debut that draws inspiration from the Soulslike genre, gamers are wondering if there’s any online or local multiplayer in Black Myth: Wukong. So, should you expect to see Black Myth: Wukong PvP invasions and co-op? Here’s all the latest information from the developer.

Black Myth: Wukong Multiplayer | Is there PvP and co-op?

Black Myth: Wukong multiplayer

It’s currently unknown whether or not Black Myth: Wukong multiplayer will feature in the game. In response to a question regarding an online mode, the developer stated “no comment at the moment.” This indicates that there’s more to be said, though any potential update could serve to either confirm or debunk Black Myth: Wukong online play.

That quote comes from the official Black Myth: Wukong website, which is entirely in Chinese. After converting the FAQ section to English via Google Translate, part of the final question reads “Will there be an online mode?” The dev opts to make “no comment at the moment” before indicating a fondness for the “single-player plot mode.”

The translation isn’t the clearest, though seems to indicate that the team is confident in its gameplay systems. Due to that fact, “online fighting” could potentially be integrated — just keep in mind nothing is concrete at the moment.

Is there Black Myth: Wukong multiplayer?

Here’s all the latest information on Black Myth: Wukong multiplayer support:

  • In response to a question about a Black Myth: Wukong online mode, the developers declined to comment.
  • The devs seem confident that the game mechanics could support “online fighting” gameplay.
  • Currently, it could go either way:
    • There may be Black Myth: Wukong PvP and/or co-op.
    • The devs may choose to focus entirely on Black Myth: Wukong‘s “single-player plot mode.”

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