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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Fighters and Bombers | Does it have military aircraft?

Image Source: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

War is horrible, but some of the most impressive aircraft ever built were devised for the purpose of fighting. Aviation fans are wondering if Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has fighters, bombers, and other military aircraft available to fly.

We’ll cover whether or not you can fly fighters and bombers in Flight Simulator 2020. We’ll also discuss the chances of other military aircraft coming to the game.

Can you fly fighters and bombers in Flight Simulator 2020?

Flight Simulator 2020 doesn’t include combat, but it does feature a full flight model that could be adapted to practically any aircraft. Its predecessor, Flight Simulator X, includes the Boeing F/A-18 and North American P-51D as part of its default lineup, so you’d think military aircraft would get some sort of representation.

Unfortunately, none of the editions of Flight Simulator 2020 include fighters, bombers, or any other military planes. In fact, not one of the aircraft available for the game right now can break the speed of sound. This is a bit of a disappointment since there are so many iconic military aircraft that would have been a blast to fly.

However, just because there aren’t any fighters or bombers available in Flight Simulator 2020 right now, doesn’t mean that’ll always be the case. Flight Simulator X had a large amount of third-party mods, both paid and unpaid, that brought new aircraft to the game. Flight Simulator 2020 has an in-game market that serves the same purpose. It’s highly likely that we’ll see military aircraft offered there in the future.

Unfortunately, the third-party DLC in the marketplace will require payment. That means you may end up having to spend $20-30 per aircraft. Given their desirability and complexity, I would assume that military aircraft would trend towards the higher side of the price range.

So, even though you can’t fly a fighter in Flight Simulator 2020 right now, there’s almost no doubt it will be a possibility in the future.