Box art - Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 | Repulsion Armor Plate Stacking

Does Risk of Rain 2 feel a little too challenging? Maybe you’d like to reduce your incoming damage? If so, good news: The Repulsion Armor Plate does exactly that. However, these armor plates can be tricky to use properly, and their stacking mechanic doesn’t always work in your favor. Here’s what you need to know.

Risk of Rain 2 Repulsion Armor Plate | Stacking and Effects

Risk of Rain 2 Repulsion Armor Plate - Effects and Stacking

The Repulsion Armor Plate in Risk of Rain 2 is a common item used to reduce incoming damage. Each plate decreases damage taken by five down to a minimum of one. Stacking Repulsing Armor Plates provides linear damage reduction in multiples of five.

As items in Risk of Rain 2 go, Armor Plates are rather weak. Each plate adds +5 damage reduction — not armor, mind you — and stacks are linear. That means two plates reduce damage by 10, four reduce damage by 20, 50 would reduce damage by 250, and so on.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a high enough stack will eventually make you invincible, though. These can only ever reduce damage down to one — you’ll always be able to take some damage no matter how many you stack.

Repulsion Armor Plates also provide diminishing returns once the difficulty level reaches to Insane and beyond. As such, the best use for them is to soften the blow of damage-over-time effects. They won’t stop one-hit kills, but they can at least stop you from burning to death.

Still, there is one interesting synergy to look out for: Repulsion Armor Plates combine well with the Hellfire Tincture and Razorwire. The Tincture ignites everything in a given radius — including your character — burning for damage over time. The burning effect triggers Razorwire, which deals 160% damage to enemies over a large radius. With Armor Plates equipped, you can reduce the damage you take to almost nothing, while enemies get hit with the Tincture and Razorwire simultaneously.

We’re not going to lie: Repulsion Armor Plates aren’t the best item in Risk of Rain 2. However, in the right hands, they can be used for some interesting builds. Just don’t start stacking them expecting to become invincible, because it simply won’t happen.