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How do you get the Fall Guys Portal Skin?

How do you get the Fall Guys Portal Skin? The Fall Guys P-Body skin has been recently revealed by Twitch streamer DrLupo after he was confirmed as the world’s best player of the game and players want to know how they can get this cool new skin for themselves.

Previously, Fall Guys has collaborated with Valve on a Half-Life: Alyx skin featuring the game’s main character Alyx Vance and a Half-Life skin featuring franchise hero Gordan Freeman. Now, a brand-new collaboration is on the way, giving players another way to rep their love for Valve in this party battle royale game.

How to get the Fall Guys Portal Skin

Fall Guys Portal skin

Thus far, only one person has secured themselves the Fall Guys Portal skin and that’s Twitch streamer DrLupo. He received the skin as a reward for being the statistically-best player in the world, but the rest of us are probably going to have to buy it.

The skin was given out early by the Fall Guys Senior Community Manager, dubbing the player who received it as “The Fallen One.” DrLupo soon discovered it and a legend was born, but that doesn’t help the rest of us.

If you want to rep your love for Portal with this skin, the clue was in the tweet that started the hunt for the Fallen One: the Fall Guys Portal Skin release date is Saturday, August 22, 2020. It will most likely be debuting in the shop — and that means you’re probably going to need some Crowns to buy it.

What will the Fall Guys P-Body skin cost?

The Fall Guys P-Body skin hasn’t had its price announced just yet, but all of the Legendary skins released thus far have followed a pattern, so we can likely predict its price with some accuracy.

Previously, the crossover Legendary Skins like the Half-Life: Alyx skin debuted at a total cost of 10 Crowns. The top piece costs 5 Crowns and the bottom piece cost 5 crowns. Presumably, the Fall Guys P-Body skin is going to cost the same, so start saving up your crowns!

Fall Guys Portal Skin

  • This costume is P-Body / Peabody from Portal 2.
  • The Fall Guys Portal Skin will probably cost 5 Crowns for the top and 5 Crowns for the bottom.