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When is the Fall Guys Season 4 end date?

Fall Guys 4041, otherwise known as Season 4, is on the horizon. Although the future-set celebrations have yet to begin, players still want to know how long the new setting will stick around. So, here’s the latest on the Fall Guys Season 4 end date and time for PS5, PS4, and PC players.

What is the Fall Guys Season 4 end date and time?

Fall Guys Season 4 end date

Every so often, Mediatonic releases a big seasonal Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout update to shake the game up. This time around, Fall Guys Season 4 introduces seven new rounds along with tons of new outfits, emotes, and more. Many players want to earn all of the sweet new swag for their in-game bean avatar, though, in order to do so, they need to beat the clock. The Fall Guys 4041 end date is inevitably approaching, leaving users a limited amount of time to play the futuristic event.

Fall Guys 4041 is launching on March 22, 2021. The Fall Guys Season 4 end date will most likely follow two months later in late May 2021.

At the time of writing, no exact end date has been specified by developer Mediatonic. The above estimate is based on past seasonal patch timeframes. GameRevolution will provide updates as and when any new information comes to light.

The first two Fall Guys seasons lasted for approximately two months. The most recent season, Winter Knockout, lasted for three months instead. Tying into an actual time of year — and a busy one at that, especially with the Epic Games acquisition — could explain the longer runtime. Since Fall Guys 4041 shares more in common with the prior two-month seasons, it seems likely that the game will return to a shorter timeframe.

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